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Roast Green Coffee Beans at Home on a Budget

Home roasting will change your life. It will start with a popcorn popper from your local home goods store, but soon you’ll want to upgrade to more professional gear to measure bean temperature, exhaust temperature and air flow. Don’t worry about these yet.

Your friends will join you for an amazing cup of coffee, but will run as soon as you start talking about which roast profiles you tried on the coffee they are drinking. You might even end up working for the industry…

A hot air popcorn popper is an amazing way to test if home roasting is something for you. With very little investment you can start to roast the freshest coffee you have ever experienced, roasted just as dark as you like because you decide when is the coffee ready.

Obviously, a popcorn popper is not intended to roast coffee. Make sure you use it safely and keep in mind that after some heavy use you will most likely break it.

You can only roast a tiny amount of coffee with a popcorn popper. It will barely cover your needs for a day. But again, this is only the start. If you fall in love with home roasting, you have plenty of options to upgrade your roasting gear.

Ready to get started? Buy your green coffee directly from the farmer. In the coffee world, this is a very rare opportunity and we are very excited to offer this option to you. Feel free to check out our green coffee offerings currently available.

Speaking of the farmer … yes, I passed on the roasting bug to him too, and William will show you his way of roasting coffee on a hot air popcorn popper.

2 thoughts on “Roast Green Coffee Beans at Home on a Budget

  1. Bruce Perens says:

    Where is the coffee grown?

    1. cim_valerian says:

      Hi, it is in Brazil Minas Gerais.

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