Farm to Cup Partnerships

Together with the farmers, we control and preserve the coffee’s quality from inception to indulgence, from farm to cup. We work with consumers and with coffee experts in the San Francisco Bay Area to provide feedback to the growers to help improve the farming processes, and we are excited to unleash our newest coffees with each year’s harvest.

Fazenda Mandacaru

The ancestors of Unleashed Coffee’s co-founder, William Murad, proudly settled in their farmland back in 1840. Today, they represent the 9th and 10th generation in a family of farmers. Their first coffee plantation dates back to 1875. They have 17 different coffee varietals at the farm and produce over 40 micro lots every harvesting season. Each micro lot is traceable and attempts to capture the best combination of a non-GMO, Arabica coffee varietal with a unique terroir at the farm.

Our Coffee Families

Passionate family of coffee growers from Minas Gerais dedicated to the production of extremely high quality Brazilian specialty coffees, all in the purest expression and carefully picked with love.After years of experimentation with conventional processing methods, we have pioneered alternative and innovative processing methods that are not only sustainably viable for the environment, but are ushering in a new era for coffee that is produced throughout Brazil.

Zero Water Waste

Most of the coffees in the world are prepared using a method called “washed process”. Did you know that this process can use up to 3.8 gallons of water to process the coffee necessary to make only a cup of coffee? Fazenda Mandacaru processes coffees using the “sun-dried natural” method, which nourishes naturally sweet and creamy coffees, with plenty of chocolate flavor, dried fruit aromatics AND 0% water waste. Further, they preserve the water springs at the farm, as well as the natural vegetation, by letting the land and the environment ripen as they should, unbothered.


Kelly Abbott


is an SCA-trained Coffee Professional and the new Owner, Roaster, & CEO of Unleashed Coffee. As a K-12 teacher for more than 20 years, she’s been a long time coffee enthusiast. A few years ago, Kelly made a career decision to transition from teaching to the coffee industry, and went from full-time teaching to learning the coffee trade and building up her roasting skills. The more she learned about the industry and the injustices borne by many farmers, the more she knew she wanted make a difference in the industry. Offering high quality, sustainable specialty grade coffee at a fair price to customers and the farmers who grow it is her passion.

The Founders

William Murad and Valerian Hrala met at the 2015 Specialty Coffee Association Event in Seattle, WA and decided to tackle a rarely tested question in the specialty coffee world. Ironically, although they met at a conference in Seattle, both men live very close to each other in the Bay Area. William, a farmer originally from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, and Valerian, a coffee roaster originally from Europe, joined forces to launch a U.S. based coffee roasting company serving US customers, while giving the farm an equal share in the business. William imports coffees directly from his family’s farm near the town of Campo Belo in the Minas Gerais region, where his parents still run day-to-day operations. William travels home often to get his hands dirty, but he mainly focuses on improving the various farming processes, on bringing new technologies to the farm and on preparing and delivering perfectly roasted beans for the American customers. Meanwhile, with more than 20 years of experience in the coffee industry, Valerian perfected the Unleashed Coffee’s signature roast profiles for the coffees that are available to our customers today!
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