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Hitting the Road for One Last Summer Trip? Take Your Coffee with You!

Unleashed Coffee Travel Kit Includes Unleashed Coffee, Coffee Grinder, Aeropress & Collapsible Kettle

I can't believe that we're already in the last official month of summer... I hope you've spent your summer so far doing the things that make you feel at peace - maybe it's spending time with family, relaxing in the sun, catching up on a good book. Me? I've spent my time doing what I love - spending time with my family and sharing my love of coffee with those I meet, online or in-person at local farmers' markets and stores.

As we head toward the inevitable start of school and seasonal schedule changes, there's still plenty of time to hit the road for one last trip with your family or friends (or both!). After all, August is National Adventure Month so why not take advantage of the last weeks of summer to explore somewhere or something new? Don't forget to take your (and my) favorite beverage with you on your next adventure with a coffee travel kit... Didn't know there was such a thing? There is and here's what you should put in it to make sure you don't have to go without sipping throughout your travels:

1. Airtight Storage Container

Whether you decide to take whole beans or ground with you on your next trip, it's important to keep your coffee in an airtight container, preferably opaque, to keep it fresh. If you have the space, I recommend the Airscape Classic.

2. Hand Grinder

If you're taking whole beans, don't forget the grinder! I love the Royal Grinder from Flair Espresso. This burr grinder provides a consistent grind every time and since it requires only human power, it can grind your beans anywhere.

3. Aeropress

This compact coffee brewing system brews a smooth and delicious cup of coffee anywhere - all you need is hot water (and coffee of course!). The best part? When packed for travel, the Aeropress can fit almost anywhere.

4. Kettle

There are a ton of options when it comes to kettles. Rather than lugging your traditional kettle with you, you can take a collapsible kettle (yes, collapsible!) like the one in the photo above.

5. Insulated Mug

Whether you like to sip your coffee quickly or savor it for the entire morning, keeping it hot is key. Featuring a spill-proof and lockable lid, the double-walled, vacuum insulated Adventure Tumbler is perfect for the job - it even has adventure in the name, how could it not be perfect?

The photo above is the coffee kit I took with me when I visited my farming partners in Guatemala last year. Sadly, the grinder in this photo was retired from traveling once I returned, but I've since upgraded to the Royal Grinder because it's higher quality, holds up to travel better and has its own case.

If you're out and about with Unleashed Coffee this summer, I'd love to see some pics!

Happy sipping!


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Kelly Abbott, an SCA-trained Coffee Professional and certified Q-Grader, is the Owner, Roaster, and CEO of Unleashed Coffee. High quality, sustainable specialty grade coffee at a fair price is her passion.

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