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Green Coffee Sampler


Can't decide what to try roasting?

This set offers three 6oz bags of the most popular coffees in our current portfolio (varietals may vary).  This sampler pack is a great way to see which one is your favorite!  This is the perfect gift for yourself or the home roasting coffee aficionado in your life!

Mundo Novo Green

This shining star is the perfect bean for anyone who enjoys roasting their own coffee beans at home. The natural sun-dried process used creates a naturally sweet, balanced flavor with hints of dark chocolate, sugarcane, dried fruits and nuts.

Catuaí Amarelo

VARIETAL: Catuaí Amarelo BODY: Balanced ACIDITY: Medium TASTING NOTES: Floral, honey, chocolate, caramel, wine, fruity, ripe fruits, crystalized fruits, orange blossom PROCESS: Natural REGION: Canastra, Brazil FARMER: Simone Gabriel da Costa

Red Bourbon

TASTING NOTES: Brown sugar, caramel, chocolate, and fruit PROCESS: Washed VARIETAL: Red Bourbon FARMER: Finca Santa Marta, Guatemala Sourced directly from our farming partners in Guatemala, our Red Bourbon Green coffee beans have a balanced flavor featuring notes of brown sugar, caramel, chocolate and fruit.

Farm Blend

Our premium green coffee beans are perfect for small batch roasting at home. Sun-dried 100% Arabica varietals are blended to create a naturally sweet, balanced coffee with notes of dark chocolate, dark raisins and toasted nuts.

Caturra, Bourbon

TASTING NOTES: Dark chocolate, brown sugar, red grape, strawberry, red fruits, slight merlot, clean finish PROCESS: Washed VARIETAL: Caturra, Bourbon ORIGIN: Guatemala Direct from our farming partners in Guatemala, the Caturra, Bourbon Green is perfect for home roasting.

Brazilian Geisha

Farm: Fazenda Mandacaru Altitude: 3,300ft (1000m) Terroir: Red soil, rich in minerals Location: Candeias, Minas Gerais, Brazil Harvest: Selective, ripe cherries Processing: Sun-dried natural, electronically sorted Although Geishas are typically grown under shade, the beans we use are not, giving this bean a distinct flavor profile not experienced with other Geishas.


BODY: Medium ACIDITY: Citric TASTING NOTES: Sweet, milk chocolate, fruity, ripe fruit, caramel, butter, sweet lemon PROCESS: Sun-dried natural VARIETAL: Red Catuai Peaberry FARMER:Fazenda Mandacaru Naturally sun-dried and sourced directly from our farming partners in Brazil, our Mini Me Peaberry Green is sweet with notes of milk chocolate, ripe fruit, caramel, butter and sweet lemon.