Where in Solano County is Unleashed Coffee?

The Pony Express-o, Unleashed Coffee's mobile cafe, is hitting the road and popping up all over Solano County!

That's right... you can now enjoy sipping your favorite Unleashed Coffee by the cup (or a flight if you want to sample a few). Whether you prefer your coffee hot or cold, we've got options for every tastebud.

Need a snack to enjoy with your coffee? We've partnered with locally owned businesses to bring you tasty snacks that pair perfectly with our coffees. Options include scones, shortbread cookies, breakfast bars, biscotti and more.

Want to grab a bag (or 2) of our artisan roasted coffee beans to enjoy at home? You're in luck - our current portfolio is always in stock, freshly roasted and ready to go in 12oz. bags.

Ready to find us for a fresh cup of Unleashed Coffee? Click here to see our current menu and location. See you soon!

The Pony Express-O Mobile Cafe by Unleashed Coffee

Want to have The Pony Express-o at your next event?

If you're hosting an event in Solano County and want to delight your guests with fresh roasted coffee and sweet treats, we'd love to join you!