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Dark Roast Coffee: Farm Blend

VARIETAL: Catuaí Amarelo, Mundo Novo BODY: Balanced ACIDITY: Medium TASTING NOTES: Floral, honey, chocolate, caramel, wine, fruity, ripe fruits, crystalized fruits, orange blossom, sugar cane, cocoa PROCESS: Natural REGION: Canastra & Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil FARMER: Simone Gabriel da Costa NET WEIGHT: 12 oz

Espresso Blend

VARIETAL: Bourbon TASTING NOTES: Sweet and citrus flavors ALTITUDE: 3,300ft (1000m) TERROIR: Red soil, rich in minerals PROCESS: Sun-dried natural, electronically sorted FARM: Fazenda Mandacaru LOCATION: Candeias, Minas Gerais, Brazil HARVEST: Selective, ripe cherries NET WEIGHT: 12 oz (340g) Roasted to perfection, our Espresso blend coffee has a smooth, intense, rich dark chocolate flavor, super creamy body and massive crema.

Half Caf

VARIETAL: Bourbon TASTING NOTES: Nectarine, cane sugar, dark chocolate, apple, floral PROCESS: Washed, Swiss Water® Decaffeination Process FARMER: The Rotheca Project (decaf beans) & Ngozi Province, Burundi (regular beans) NET WEIGHT: 12 oz (340g)

Medium Roast Coffee: Harvest Blend Ground

NET WEIGHT: 2 lb. (907g) Our medium roast Harvest Blend starts with 100% Arabica beans that are roasted to perfection and evenly ground to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Harvest Blend Decaf Ground Coffee

NET WEIGHT: 2 lb. (907g) Our medium roast Harvest Blend Decaf starts with 100% Arabica beans that are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® Process. This process never uses any chemicals so there's no residue on the beans.