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Espresso Decaf

VARIETAL: Bourbon, Caturra TASTING NOTES: Round and sweet, brown sugar, pie crust, orange, milk chocolate, and canela PROCESS: Washed, Swiss Water® Decaffeination Process FARMER: ALMA: Huehuetenango & Lagman De Ayarza, Guatemala NET WEIGHT: 12 oz (340g) This Swiss Water® Decaf has been roasted with a dark profile making it perfect for a late afternoon or evening espresso. As a small specialty roaster, we source our decaf beans from the Swiss Water Small Batch Series, which is a program of limited offerings that features hyper seasonal, highly traceable, and really delicious coffees.  This roast profile has been perfected to bring you an espresso with a creamy body, lots of crema, and rich chocolaty flavor with a smooth finish!

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