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e-Gift Card

☕️ Unleashed Coffee e-gift cards: your ticket to a caffeine-infused bliss!  From farm to cup, we take pride in offering you the finest, ethically sourced coffees that'll make your taste buds dance with delight! ☕️ Skip the snooze button and gift your loved ones the experience of sipping on our exceptional brews. Whether they prefer a bold dark roast or a smooth medium blend, our e-gift cards have got it all covered! ☕️ Brew-tiful bonus alert! When you purchase an e-gift card, you're not only treating someone special but also supporting our coffee farming partners who pour their heart into cultivating these beans. ☕️ Go ahead, spread the joy of Unleashed Coffee. Click the link and let the caffeination celebration begin! Cheers to unforgettable sips and smiles all around! **PLEASE NOTE: This e-Gift Card is redeemable for products through our website ONLY.  They cannot be used at our mobile cafe, The Pony Express-o.**
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Emergency Coffee Kit

Looking for the perfect coffee-themed novelty gift? For the coffee lover who simply cannot function without a cup of Joe, this emergency coffee kit may be just the gift! The 5"x7" shadow box is filled with roasted coffee and comes with a miniature hammer to break glass in case of emergency. *This is a novelty gift meant for fun and is not to be taken literally. The coffee in this product is not meant for consumption nor should the glass actually be broken.
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Aeropress Gift Set

Whether you prefer to brew American or espresso-style coffee, the Aeropress produces the richest, smoothest coffee you've ever tasted. Their patented technology and rapid brewing eliminates bitterness and acidity while micro-filters remove the grit typically found with other presses. Brew the best tasting cup of coffee you've ever had in under a minute. Pair this compact coffee maker with a 12oz. bag of fresh roasted Unleashed Coffee to complete the perfect gift for the coffee lover on your list.
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