Coffee Blossom Honey

Have You Tried Coffee Blossom Honey In Your Coffee?

Some people enjoy their coffee light and sweet while others prefer theirs strong and black. Me? I do enjoy my lattes, but I typically sip my coffee black because I enjoy tasting the nuances of each roast and the flavor profiles inherent to each region. On occasion though, I do like to add a touch of sweetness to my coffee with a bit of coffee blossom honey. September is National Honey Month so what better time to chat about this delicious natural sweetener?

What is coffee blossom honey?

Coffee blossom honey is a unique, delicate-tasting honey that is derived from the nectar of coffee plant flowers.

Bees have always played a part in the growing of coffee since their pollination of the coffee trees helps the buds to set and the coffee tree to blossom. For this reason, many farmers also have apiaries on their farms giving those farmers another source of income. Given the somewhat risky nature of coffee farming and its dependency on factors outside of the farmers’ control, this additional income contributes to their financial stability.

What does coffee blossom honey taste like?

Unlike honeys purchased at the grocery store, coffee blossom honey has a complex yet delicate taste with floral notes. Each variety has a full depth of flavor and nuances exclusive to the farm from which the honey is harvested.

We currently offer 4 varieties, all from Guatemala:

  • Ana Maria Ortega: Fruit punch, cherry and orange, with a crisp body and lingering vanilla aftertaste.
  • Francisco Cardona: Rich and silky texture with bright florals, tropical fruits and citrus notes.
  • Jorge Mendez: Brown sugary sweetness, peach and citrus, and slight vanilla undertones.
  • Otto Herrera: Notes of starfruit, kiwi and coffee blossom aroma.

Is using honey in your coffee better than sugar?

While adding a small amount of honey to your coffee isn’t likely to offer significant health benefits, this natural sweetener does contain nutrients and other healthy compounds unlike sugar. Honey is also easier for your body to process than sugar.

So, the next time you want to add a touch of sweetness to your coffee… try coffee blossom honey!

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