Now You Can Make an Award Winning Cookie at Home


Not quite two months after the official launch of Unleashed Coffee and we have our first win! It is not a fancy barista competition or a prestigious coffee award. It is much simpler and yet somehow cooler because it involves food!



My wife was convinced by her colleague to enter the 2016 San Anselmo Country Fair Creative Baking Contest. Her vision was to enter a cookie which represents a nutritious healthy breakfast.

As the “coffee expert” in the development of this recipe I was asked to come up with the idea of how to incorporate coffee — a vital component of a healthy breakfast — to this cookie. Initially, the coffee was incorporated into the dough but it got lost among the other flavors. Katy (the creator) insisted on including a coffee element, though, since it is such an important part of our mornings. That’s when she got the idea of creating a sandwich cookie where the filling represents a creamy and comforting cappuccino.

Unleashed Coffee is an excellent choice for this, as generally sun-dried natural coffees from Brazil are used as a main component in European espresso blends. They are powerful enough to cut through the milk and give you the nice sweet coffee flavor. Using Unleashed Coffee was the strategy when we decided for the coffee.

First, we tried to use ground coffee in the frosting, but that made the mixture a bit gritty. Then we tried to make a concentrate, but the coffee flavor was still not assertive enough to make people think, “oh yeah, I get it … it is like cappuccino.”

Finally, we went for the classic component of a cappuccino — espresso! My choice was Mini Me as this is my favorite coffee to make espresso.

The result was really impressive and apparently not only for us, but also for the judges of the San Anselmo Country Fair where in the Creative Baking Contest this creation won the “Best Cookie” award. We are very happy that Unleashed Coffee contributed a little too.

If you want to check out the full recipe visit Katy’s and my food blog:

Show us your cookie creations on Instagram and tag @unleashedcoffee and @emperorscrumbs so we know you are eating an award winning cookie.

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