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Are you ready to take your at-home coffee experience to a brand new level?

Imagine having a great tasting coffee experience in the comfort of your home in your favorite spot while making a difference in the lives of the farmers that grow it…

With every sip of Unleashed Coffee, you’ll know that your consumer dollars are contributing to sustainability AND fair labor practices at the farm.

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We’ve designed our Farm to Cup Coffee Club so coffee lovers can enjoy premium coffee delivered to their door with peace of mind knowing that their purchase is actually making a difference in the lives of the farmers that grow it.

With your subscription, you’ll also get access to our exclusive online community where you’ll learn more about home roasting, brewing tips, insights from our farming partners and so much more!

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Kelly Abbott, Roaster & Owner of Unleashed Coffee

By now, you may be wondering who we are and why we’ve created this.

I’m Kelly Abbott, an SCA trained coffee professional, and I’m Unleashed Coffee’s CEO and coffee roaster. My Christian values give me a great passion for taking care of the farmers who work so hard to provide us with such fantastic coffee to roast for our customers! I am proud to personally have direct relationships with our coffee farmers, including our founding farmer and former CEO, William Murad.

After experiencing inequities in the coffee industry first hand, William created Unleashed Coffee in 2016 as a channel to bring his family’s best coffees to the US, without using middlemen, thus sharing more of the profits with the farm to build sustainability with the workers and the environment.

Today, we continue forming new direct relationships with more farmers around the world to expand upon the foundation William built. The Farm to Cup Coffee Club was born as a way to help coffee lovers easily connect to this mission while making it possible to continue enjoying great coffee experiences at home.

I know that our Farm to Cup Coffee Club is going to transform everything about your home coffee experience.
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