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If you’re a specialty coffee lover who’s passionate about the traceability and sustainability of your coffee, join our Farm to Cup Facebook Group to chat with the farmers and roaster, share brew tips, recipes, and other coffee fun facts.

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Light Roast Oro

This coffee has been roasted lightly to develop the distinct notes of the varietal and the terroir.

Light Roast Naranja

Light roast coffee that makes a great morning brew, as well as an afternoon pick-me-up!

Roaster's Choice

Our roasters are able to hand pick from these rare or limited micro lots to choose some fantastic coffees to roast for you!

Medium Roast Rojo

This coffee is roasted medium to highlight its sweetness and full body, yet keeping its fruity notes intact.

Medium Roast Zafiro

This coffee is roasted medium-dark to highlight its rich chocolate and almond notes.

Mini Me (Azul)

Mini Me, our peaberry coffee (AKA moka, mocha, moca beans), has sweet notes of milk chocolate, ripe fruit, caramel, butter and sweet lemon.

Farm Blend

Dark roast coffee with naturally sweet flavors of chocolate and fruit.

Espresso Blend

Roasted to perfection, our Espresso blend coffee has a smooth, intense, rich dark chocolate flavor and super creamy body.

Morando Espresso Roast

This delicious dark roast is great for a pour over or an espresso!


The medium roasted Swiss Water® Decaf is a well-balanced coffee.

Espresso Decaf

This Swiss Water® Decaf has been roasted with a dark profile.

Half Caf

Our blend of regular arabica beans and Swiss Water® Decaf makes our Half Caf Blend the perfect choice!

Harvest Blend Ground 2 LB

The medium roasted Harvest Blend is a well-balanced coffee.

Harvest Blend Decaf Ground Coffee 2 LB

Our medium roast ground Swiss Water® Decaf coffee is a well-balanced coffee.

Farm Blend

Savor the naturally sweet flavors of chocolate and fruit. It is a balanced blend of some of the best varietals at the farm!

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