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Restaurants and cafes, let us help you make your coffee better

We are so happy that you are here. We are very excited that you are ready to take your coffee program seriously. Together we can fix two problems with coffee in the hospitality industry.


So many times when eating out I have a great dining experience from starter to dessert; then the coffee comes. … yikes. Actually, we stopped ordering coffee in the restaurants after so many disappointments.
It is like reading a beautiful romantic poem and at the end you drop an f-bomb.
We believe this is seriously damaging the whole dining experience, and we would like to help you take the quality of your coffee to the next level while creating new high markup menu items your customers will love.



We apologize for the value-loaded title, but as the farmers we have a hard time watching how so many roasters try to use farmers as their marketing material. We get it, it works. People love to see where their food comes from. But in this case we actually ARE the coffee farmers, and we offer you our story. In other words, with Unleashed Coffee you are buying the coffee directly from the farmer.
Yes. The same way as you offer fine wine by mentioning the producer, vintage, and grape variety, you can up your game with your coffee too.


Does Unleashed Coffee offer ground or pre-dosed coffee?

NO, we want to help to improve the quality of your coffee and we are serious about it. We believe that if you promise your customers a quality beverage experience, ground coffee is not the way to go. Freshly ground coffee is the basis of every good cup of coffee. Your customers deserve this.

Can you serve Unleashed Coffee as an add on to a different coffee brand?

YES! We love the challenge and we would love to be the “other” coffee on your menu. In the past we learned that once our story is told it is is easy to fall in love with us. Very few people hate farmers … right?

Do you offer coffee brewing gear?

Not at this time. We farm and roast coffee and this is what we are really good at. There are plenty of professionals who know how to sell and repair coffee gear, but this is not us. We would be happy to work out a solution for your needs, whether these are tips on what kind of coffee gear you need, brewing techniques, ideas for your coffee beverage program or a customized coffee menu where we tell the story of the farm and set you apart with coffee directly from the farmer.

Does Unleashed Coffee offer espresso blend?

Yes. Our Farm Blend is excellent as a traditional European style espresso. The best coffee brands buy Brazilian sun dried natural coffees (this is how we produce our coffee) as the basis for their espresso blends, because they tend to be sweet, chocolaty and nutty.

How does this work? Farm in Brazil, roasting where?

We grow and process coffee on our family farm in Brazil – Minas Gerais region. We bring it to the USA as green and roast it fresh in Berkeley, CA. After that we package it and distribute it to our retail and wholesale accounts.

Where can I learn more about the farm and the company?

We are so happy that you are interested. Please follow this LINK to find out more about us.

I have more questions. How can I connect?

You can CONTACT US via our web contact form or call us at 844-342-5004.


For full enjoyment we recomend preparing this coffee cocktail.


  • Do you produce organic coffee. I read material that says coffee is one of the top sprayed products.

  • Dear Paul Bulducci, thank you for your question. Although we do not have an organic certificate due to costs, we have not sprayed our coffee with pesticides and we only use fertilizers that are authorized and approved by the Brazilian government. My family lives at the farm, we eat and drink from the farm, we care about the environment, and we respect our collaborators and our consumers very much; hence, it is on our best interest to produce coffee that is free of any harmful chemical. We handle every production step ourselves, from planting seedlings all the way to packaging the coffee here in the US. That allows us to control the quality from beginning to end.

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